Management & Team

Rudolf Koffou
company founder, authorised signatory
+43 664 2004488
MMag. Christina Koffou-Zanderigo
+43 664 9193555
Christian & Norbert Müller
Team M2
Licensee and partner for the refurbishment of ropeway cabins and chairlift bubbles
Günther Knoll
partner for the replacement of roof windows of ropeway stations


History & application areas

DURCH-BLICK was founded by Rudolf Koffou on 4 April 2005 in Kufstein, Austria. Our first step was the refurbishment of panoramic windows of ropeway cabins, but soon we made a name for ourselves as a solver for various problems in the ropeway sector and broadened our scope to include the refurbishment of weather protection hoods of chairlifts and roof windows of ropeway stations.

In 2007, we expanded our core business to include the refurbishment of airplane and helicopter windows. Over the years, more and more areas followed: windows of ferries and boats, shields of ice hockey rinks, swimming pool covers, the windows of garage doors, and even the refurbishment of aluminium surfaces and other precious metals.

Besides, we act as consultants and suppliers for ropeway and aviation companies in terms of maintenance, cleaning and care of their products. And if Plexiglas®, polycarbonate or acrylic windows are irreparably damaged, we are pleased to help our clients with the delivery and replacement of new ones, too.  

Damage prevention has always been a matter of concern for us. Therefore, we have been selling and applying special UV and anti-scratch protection films for ropeway cabins since 2016. These protection films can be applied on new cabins as well as on those already in operation.  

In 2022, we were able to look back on 17 successful years of company history, during which DURCH-BLICK® became a brand for professionalism, expertise, reliability, and top quality both at home and abroad and made a name for itself in the ropeway and aviation industries. Time to hand over part of our range of services to Team M2, our newly acquired license partner who, after an intensive training phase, is now your professional partner for the refurbishment of chair covers and the windows of ropeway cabins.