In addition to the refurbishment of plastic windows, we also offer our customers advice and training on proper cleaning and care in order to avoid damage and prolong the service life as much as possible.

Therefore, the right technology is needed as well as the right products. We have combined both in a special cleaning set which not only contains all the necessary products to clean and care for your plastic windows in the best possible way, but also includes comprehensive cleaning instructions in which all necessary steps are explained in detail.

This cleaning set is intended as initial equipment. All consumable products can of course be reordered directly from us. In this way, the cleaning costs can easily be calculated for each company.

Furthermore, we offer the supply and installation of UV, anti-scratch and privacy protection films as well as roof windows for ropeway stations, and you can also order information holders for ropeway cabins or similar, as well as all kinds of customised plastic windows from us.


  • Cleaning
  • Care
  • Sealing

  • UV protection films
  • Anti-scratch protection films
  • Privacy protection films

  • Customised plastic windows of all kinds
  • Roof windows of ropeway stations
  • Information holders etc.